Have you always wished that you take your pet out for a treat where you two can sit down, eat together and have a warm time with each other? Considering the availability of a very few dining options for pets in Mumbai, we figure you must’ve always been sulking that your pet couldn’t tag along with you when you go out.
Well, here’s news! There’s a café out there in Andheri that serves the nicest food and an amazing rendezvous for you and your pet!
Cafe Pefe is a perfect venue for you and your pets to have fun and interact with others in a safe, hygienic and friendly environment. Located in Lokhandwala, Andheri, this cute café is a go-to place for all pet-owners and their four-legged friends. Be it a dinner, lunch or a party celebration, you can always turn up here with your boo, eat your heart out and go home with countless memories!
Their delectable menu has been curated with finest cuisines and world-class ingredients. Try their Italy national soup and ‘cat’atouille which is made with grilled pesto cottage cheese and spinach in ratatouille sauce. When it comes to pizzas, their Om Shanti Om Pizza and the Bum-Chick-A-Bum pizza is absolutely amazing.
The cutest part about this place is that it has a special menu for your pet! They have a starter, pasta, pizza & risotto and a dessert too. Your plus-one can enjoy their cookies in a special gravy. After all, pets must not be left out to be spoiled for choice!
Apart from these, they have a wide variety of pasta, risottos, rice, Thai dishes, burgers, salads and more.Also, for your information, 5 percent of your bill goes to the welfare and care of strays. Now, isn’t that noble!

Don’t have a pet? Worry not, because there are quite a number of stray dogs and cats awaiting your attention and love! And many pet owners bring in their pets too with whom you can cuddle and lose your heart to.
The next time you plan to go on date with your furry pal, you know where to head!