Premium chocolates, aged coffee, gold dusted cupcakes are what we millennial like to devour. They say you don’t need a silver fork to have a good meal. What if we say that you eat the silver? Chefs around the world have got no chill as they are holding an expertise in dishing out some magnificent masterpieces.

Here are some world’s most expensive meals which aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

All you need is to whip up some eggs for a hearty omelette but that’s not how these New Yorkers do. Eggs, Lobsters and mountains of caviar, oozing out with potatoes.

Pricing at $1000, this omelette is featured on the menu at Norma’s Restaurant in Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridien Hotel. With $650 worth of caviar sitting atop, the extra $350 is made up from a whole lobster, eggs, cream and chive. This fit for the king omelets not your average ones.

Where to get it: Le Parker Meridin Hotel, New York

Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn- $250 per gallon

These eye-popping popcorns are made with Vermont Cream Butter and Nelson Massey Bourbon Villa. Apart from the creamy goodness, they are covered in 23 Karat gold flakes and laeso Salt from Denmark. Apparently not your usual tub to binge on.

Where to Get it: Berco’s Popcorn, Chicago.

The Golden Phoenix Cupcake.


There’s a lot happening with this cupcake which is too pretty to be eaten. Each cupcake has Amedei Porcelena Chocolate which holds the record of being the most expensive chocolate, premium Uganda vanilla beans and 23 karat edible gold sheets and gold dusts. Priced at $1000, you might want to save your appetite for this sinful indulgence.

Where to get it: Bloomsbury’s, Dubai.

The Golden Crystal Ube Doughnut

Brooklyn just took the donut trend to a whole new level. This fancy doughnut is filled with Ube(purple yam- A tuberous root vegetable) mousse and crystal champagne jelly. Finally crowned with 24k gold leaf. Definitely the fanciest one in the world.  This doughnut is priced at a dazzling rate of $100.

Where to get it: Manila Social Club, Brooklyn

The Golden Opulence Sundae

This Sundae has to be on your “before I die” taste list. Priced at $1000, it consists of Tahitian Vanilla bean ice-cream covered with edible gold leaf. It is then embellished with Parisian candies and Grand Passion Caviar.

Where to get it: Serendipity Restaurant, New York

The 24K Pizza

New Yorkers don’t believe in settling with average. This super lavish pizza is of whopping $2000 and consists of 24 carat gold flakes right from Equador. With a base which includes Squid Ink, it is topped with White Stilton Cheese imported from England, French Foie Gras, Truffles and Ossetra, a Caviar from the Caspian Sea that generally costs $12,000 per kilogram.

Pizza so Rich, it is the epitome of decadence said the restaurant‘s chef, Braulio Bunay.

Where to get it: New York City’s Industry Kitchen.

Fleur Burger

This devilishly decadent Burger consists of a tender Wagyu Beef Patty smothered in Butter, seared in foie grass and sliced black truffles on a warm brioche bun. That’s not all you peeps. This fancy Burger is paired with a bottle of 1995 Petrus and is combined priced at $5000

Where to get it: Fleur, Las Vegas

Chocolate Pudding

Tucked away in the English countryside, Lindeth Howe Country Hotel is offering a delectable delight. This heavenly goodness is made with four different kinds of Belgium chocolate molded carefully into a shape of Faberge Egg, then generously layered with champagne jelly & finally topped with an edible gold leaf.  Lastly served with a bottle of top shelf champagne and caviar. This masterpiece is priced at $35000.

Where to get it: Lindeth Howe Country, England

We wonder how many months and years of our savings would help us to bite into these jaw-dropping treats.