Say Hello To Monsoon In Style

A versatile piece of quirky cloth that appraises your hair/outfit which can be styled in zillion ways. Many of us already own one but never thought of really using it. However it has multipurpose uses like keeping the hair out of the face to securing all the flicks. It comes in various shapes and sizes with quirky prints and patterns. It’s a perfect fix when not in mood to style hair or tired of repetitive styling during monsoon. So worry no more on how to maintain the fashion quotient during monsoon as Bandana can fix all your daily struggles.

                                                                                         Over the crown


How to do it:

  • First things first, comb hair neatly and wrap the Bandana over the crown area
  • Secure it with bobby pins as shown in the picture
  • Use a bright color Bandana that will instantly uplift your outfit and you are good to go without any hassle during Monsoon
  • It’s as simple as wearing a hairband


                                                                                              Braid it down:


How to do it:

  • Back comb the hair to create volume and messy appearance
  • Part hair in 3 sections and start braiding along with the Bandana in the hair
  • Braid it till the desired point then use the loose ends of the Bandana to create a knot
  • Secure it with a bobby pin. An easy way to fix all the hair style struggle when it’s pouring out

                                                              Accessorize as a neckpiece/hand bracelet:


Other ways of Styling:

  • Need an easy breezy accessory, Bandana works at its best here too.
  • Take a nice square shaped Bandana which will coordinate well with the outfit.
  • Go for bright colorful ones with wordings, patterns and prints.
  • Fold it in half as shown in the picture below.
  • Wrap it around the neck or hand (wrist).
  • Make sure to wrap it loose so that it’s comfortable.

An amazing accessory that will lift the outfit which is easy, comfortable and looks attractive.

                                                                                                Buns are Fun


How to do it:

  • Yes buns can be fun and super stylish
  • Firstly, tie up your hair in a bun
  • Make sure it’s not very neat and clean as we are aiming for messy bun
  • Now take the square shaped Bandana and wrap it around the bun
  • Secure the loose ends with a bobby pin and you are good to go
  • Easy breezy hairstyle for those lazy days and greasy unwashed hair

It’s super comfortable and helps to procure a chic look

                                                                                  Impeccable Ponytail:


How to do it:

  • Basic ponytail can be boring but a Bandana will make it impeccable, here is how
  • Create a basic ponytail and let some flicks out
  • Take the Bandana and wrap it around the pony to create a bow or just leave the ends of the Bandana loose to give an edgy/messy style

It’s super comfortable, easy and time saver.


BANDANA’s are fun and you can style them in innumerable ways and construct your personal style with it. So when you do, don’t forget to share your BANDANA moments with us.