The thought of college life is fascinating to every girl since one gets to wear different trendy clothes everyday and worrying about the same everyday is an added stress to handle, so hang on ya girl because if you think being trendy and glamorous will give you a unique style appeal then sadly it won’t because the only way to stand apart from others is by creating or adding your creativity to the running trends that boost your confidence giving you comfy vibes. Baffled yet, drop your worries darling as we bring to you unique ideas on styling.

                                                                        Vintage shirts and tops




  • Vintage is an undying trend and apparently the cutest fashion style.
  • Switch them over crop tops and lacy tops to make a stylish move.
  • Include basic graphical tees and basic shirts.
  • Pair it with trousers, skirts, jeans, etc as per your liking and you are good to go.

Easy, flowly, comfy, and most important ideal for every girl as there is no skin show.

                                                                                      Latex pants



  • Style your basic tees, floral tops and basically any top with latex pants to get a marvelous style.
  • A good quality latex pants will also make you feel light and is super helpful during monsoon because it won’t absorb water.
  • For the ones who prefer traditional styling, simply pair it will your basic kurtis and finish the look with a baggy bright jacket.

Super stylish and will definately make the laziest heads turn.





  • All you need is layering the right way to be appealing in terms of fashion.
  • Sneak into overcoats/ stylish trenchcoats/ shrugs considering its super light material in order  to survive the heat in fashion.
  • Throw it over any backless dress, short tops, kurtis and so on.
  • If done smartly it can become your signature style.

It juices up your basic look so give it a try.

                                                       Oversized tshirts or hoodies dresses




  • Luxe up your style with oversized tops and tees because though its trendy only a few could dare to carry it.
  • Team them up with baggy pants, trousers, skirts to give an edgy look.

For those easy going days when not in mood just sneak into them and you’re ready to rock the day in comfort and style.

                                                                    Hawaiian tops/shirts


  • Fascinating tops with fresh prints that instantly gives your style an uplift.
  • Team them up with skirts, trousers, shorts, mommy jeans, leggings and the list goes on.

Comfortable, no skin show and can be teamed up with anything.




  • In a world full of mommy/boyfriend jeans, dazzle up your style with Bell-Bottoms.
  • They are elegant and give those chic feminine look
  • Team them up with shirts, graphic tees, jersey’s, kurtis and the list goes on.

The bigger the bell the better style. Ideal for everyone and can be incorporated in traditional style too.





  • Scarfs can be used in styling rather than just for wrapping face to trick the tan.
  • Style it as a neckpiece or use it as a hand bracelet, the choice is yours.
  • Razzle-dazzle your basic top and use scarf as your accessory.

The scarves who’ve often been underestimated can be your accessory to those deep neck tops to your plain shirts/tops and also helpful when you forget one during presentations. Aloha! Very helpful.


Styling is expression of oneself, while some may like to keep it simple and some may want to dazzle up. Most important is to keep it comfortable.

Hey but don’t forget that bright smile.