Mumbaikars believe in living life to the hilt. After slogging through the week, they just want to escape from the city, to a peaceful hideout with their loved ones. And, Mumbai does not disappoint. It offers several getaways, and a visit to each one of them proves to be worth its while. Let us take you through the unexplored getaways that are at a short drive of 3-4 hours from Mumbai.

  • Amboli – A beautiful destination for your weekend.

A beautiful hill station surrounded by abundance of flora and fauna in Maharashtra, which calms your soul and filled with serenity. It has pleasant weather throughout the year; with dense covers of mist and fog over the hills. It is a true paradise to soak yourself into nature and have chilling time with no worries.

Distance From Mumbai: 11.9 Km

Time: 55 minutes

Attractions: Treasures of wildlife, heaven for bird lovers, waterfalls, ‘Sri Hiranyakeshi Temple’, beautiful caves, dense forest.

Tip: Best time visit Amboli is during monsoon.

  • Karla and Bhaja caves – Adore The Buddhist Art cave in Maharashtra

A destination for weekend located near hill station, Lonavala is perfect for sightseeing. It is the Buddhist rock cut architecture in Maharashtra, India. It is a place for massive prayer halls and resting rooms for monks, and a complete place for relieving stress and calms yourself. The place depicts the daily scenes of men and women, also brilliant collection of Stupas and pillars.

Distance From Mumbai: 95.5 Km

Time: 2 hours and 12 minutes

Attractions: Enchanting caves, number of waterfalls, green surroundings, ancient forts- Lohagad and Visapur forts.

  • Kundalika River – Experience chills and thrills

A  small river located in Bhira, Maharashtra –Mumbai is the best place to enjoy river rafting with your friends. It is covered by thick forests and rice fields; water flowing from various dams makes it more of place of adventure activities. It has become a spot for adventure activities and attracting the youths especially on weekends to hop on. Those who crave for special fun and adventure on weekends, river rafting at Kundalika is best place to slake your thirst.

Distance From Mumbai: 102 km from Mumbai

Time: 3 hours 27 minutes

Attractions: River rafting, waterfall rappelling, thick jungles

Tip: Avoid choosing the time during monsoon as river rafting is shut and I am sure you don’t want to get disappointed reaching there. For checking the times and dates you can follow up

  • Bhandardara – A perfect weekend getaway for camping

Fill your eyes with abundance of scenic beauty located in the Western ghats at the shores of Pravara river. It’s the true treasure hidden in Maharashtra with delightful hills, lakes and more of nature. Bhandardara is the best place to treat yourself with scenic beauty and find peace away from the city chores. Pack a handleful of junk snacks sand drown yourself into splendid of scenic beauty.

Distance From Mumbai: 164 km from Mumbai

Time: 3 hours and 46 minutes

Attractions: Waterfalls, Umbrella falls, Mt. Kalsubai,  Amruteshwar temple – 1200 years old, also visit nearby ancient forts –‘ Ratangad or Harishchandragad’.

Tip: Plan your trip in cool weather and monsoon to see the best of scenic beauties in Bhandardara.

  • Purushwadi – Experience the Magic!

One of the least explored places in Maharashtra, Purushwadi – it’s a great place to get a closer look to rural lifestyle and local culture. You can enjoy spending time with families out there helping them in sieving fields, grinding spices and mingle with families and get overwhelming hospitality. Also a place to captivate the sky in orange-yellow hues on the way to Purushwadi.

Distance From Mumbai: 200 Km

Time: 4 hours and 26 minutes

Attractions: Whisking lights from thousands of fireflies, nature walks, also nearby tourist places – Bhushi Lake, Sita Gumpha caves.

Tip: Visit the place in the month of May and June to the glowy magic of fireflies.

  • Shivneri Fort – A historical weekend

Located in Pune district of  Maharashtra, is a fort with great historical significance, located at 300metres high Shivneri hills. It has excellent architecture and numerous attractions to explore. It also has fascinating Stupas and Buddhist stories hidden in the nearby areas or forest.

Distance From Mumbai: 156.9 Km

Time: 4 hours and 34 minutes

Attractions: ‘Shri Shivai Devi temple’, ‘Ganga Jamuna water tanks’, ‘Shivkunj’ – where Shivaji was born, also visit nearby places – Manikoh dam, Junar caves.

  • Kaas Plateau – Valley of Flowers

A scenic beauty destination in Maharashtra with ample of nature that surrounds you. The place is paragon of  lively hues of flowers that flourish in the area. The place is listed as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. The scenic beauty of the place attracts the nature lovers to observe the work of art.

Distance From Mumbai: 278.7 Km

Time: 5 hours and 25 minutes

Attractions:  Valley of flowers, Kaas Lake, Thoseghar waterfalls, also variety of birds and bees that ad magicgal touch to the nature.

Tip: Best time to visit the plateau is in the month of August to October, after the monsoon. Also have a knowledgeable guide who can help you out with the floral species in the area so that you get the best of the nature to see.