Traveling somewhere means a lot of planning has to be done beforehand. One will make mistakes in the initially by forgetting something or some issues faced while traveling, but once one becomes a savvy traveler, they will get used to traveling like a pro and swim like it’s your own pond.

We have put together travel tips that cover everything under one roof and make your travel easy.

Explore less visited places

One doesn’t need to go everywhere and do everything what everyone does.One should explore a less known region which is well known for their culture, history, locals, etc. Instead of hopping from one country to another in lesser time, spend quality time in a country/place among the locals and explore the local streets and get to know the place better.

Be open minded

Don’t expect things to go as you want it. If you love traveling, don’t be scared to experience or try new things. That includes eating regional street food, taking part in cultural events and exploring the new environment. If you travel with open mind, you’ll have enriching experience.

A well-planned schedule

Scheduling is main motto of every trip. While planning a trip sit down with all the members who will be joining you on the trip and pen down destinations that you want to visit, (beach, mountains, small towns, big cities). Decide whether it will be adventure trip or some soul soothing destination, choose places of everyone’s choice and grab a basic map route to make your travel an easier one.

Talk to the locals

Locals serve as best guide to a new place for one. They have best travel advice and love to share their town/city stories making your travel a memorable one. You’ll have an amazing time having a hearty conversation with locals and may be asking few questions like – Where can you eat the best street there? Which is the best spot to be visited in the town? Where should one shop from and the local prices?

Speak the local language

Try and get some phrase book or a translating app which helps you greet the local people in their local language and understand their words. Do not shout or get irritated if they can’t understand you, think before saying anything and remember where you are. Be friendly and have a simple attitude while talking, not everyone speaks fluent English or the language you are born in. Indulge yourself in their culture; this will help cut down the language barrier and maintain good ties with them.

One can download language translator app:  or

Travel indoor


Travel doesn’t need to be overseas or some other foreign destinations. One can start traveling in one’s own home town with a new eye. Explore the streets, café, different park, or any other site which you have not visited or known before. Also take pocket friendly trip to nearby places for weekend getaways like kayaking, trekking to mountain, exploring the forests, beach or anything that you would love to.

Stay in apartments and share the costs

If you are planning a long weekend or vacation, change your accommodation style. Plan to stay in an apartment which offers kitchen, separate bedrooms, own laundry which saves a lot of money and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The costs can be divided among the people who accompanied you for staying along.

Travel insurance is a must

When traveling overseas, don’t forget to take your travel insurance. Travel insurance helps in the following conditions –If one had to cancel the trip unexpectedly, natural calamities, luggage is stolen, lost passport, terrorist’s activity or any other such bad calamities. Travel insurance helps to reduce your health costs or any other reasons mentioned above, thus maintain your money then and there.

Pack what is needed

Packing itself is a stressful task for any travel trip, the best thing to do is pack minimal amount of clothes and which can be worn as layers and are comfortable. One can buy new clothes once you reach your destination, if needed. Choose comfortable loose clothes, neutral shades, dinner clothes, clothes for party or other occasions and some pajamas. Reduce the load of your luggage by knowing the weather conditions you are going to travel. Pack clothes according to the activities you are going to participate if it’s for an adventure trip. Don’t forget the medications with valid doctor’s prescription or a first aid kit while traveling overseas.

Wakeup Early to see the beauty


Waking up early on vacations can be a little tough to get out of those cozy beds. But early morning is the best time to see the marvelous views of some places. One can take a long relaxing walk to city or catch the glimpse of beautiful sunrise. One can also drive along the roads without traffic early morning to explore the place.

Get Rid of Phones

Difficult to do! But when on vacation try not peeping in to your Facebook profile every 5 minutes or uploading your stories on Instagram or snapchat. Sure, it’s good to look back to memories what you have captured on your lens, but real beauty is what you capture through eyes. Spend time family or friends and simply enjoy the present moment which is in front of your eyes!


Make Every Memory Count!