During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, not even consuming water. Food takes on a special significance during this fast. Before morning prayers Muslims eat seher, a heavy breakfast big enough to to get them through the day. Hearty meat dishes are popular during Ramadan as a way to fill up before or after fasting. Skewered meat and vegetable dishes called kebabs are common in the Middle East and curry recipes are a mainstay in Southeast Asia.

Late evening comes iftar, or the breaking of the fast. This meal is often a festive, communal affair. No iftar would be complete without rice. Dessert is an important part of iftar and in the Bengali household, mishti is king. In the Middle East, desserts often lean towards the syrupy side and yogurts are a common way to help aid digestion and cool the stomach.

The highlight of this festival is its luscious and flavorful dishes. So, it’s time to break your month long fast by following these 7 heavenly sweet dishes filling your stomach with the flavors of harmony and peace.

We guarantee you, Eid is incomplete without these 7 best sweet dishes.

  • Shahi Tukda

Shahi tukra or shahi tukda, a mughlai recipe, is actually shahi – royal. You wouldn’t think that a dessert so rich, delicious, yet simple can be made using bread. There’s milk, dry fruits, saffron, sugar, and malai. We bring you shahi tukra recipe – a dessert that is said to have its roots in Pakistani cuisine!

However, the bread pudding recipe that is used in preparing Shahi Tukra is quite simple. This bread pudding recipe is meant for special occasions like family gatherings and festivals. So, you won’t get a better chance to try this dessert recipe than the holy month of Ramzan.

  • Sheer khurma

It is a traditional Muslim dessert for celebrations. ‘Sheer’  is Persian for milk and ‘Khurma’  is Persian for dates. This dish is made from dried dates. The sheer khurma sweet contains lots of milk, dry fruits and the main ingredient in the sheer khurma recipe is Seviyan which is an urdu term for vermicelli. The sweet is incomplete without seviyan or vermicelli.

This special dish is served on the morning of Eid day in the family after the Eid prayer as breakfast, and throughout the day to all the visiting guests. The word is spelt sometimes as sheer kurma or sheer korma or sheer qorma but it is actually spelt as Sheer Khurma.

  • Phirni

Phirni is a rice pudding and a common sweet dish during the festivals. As the Ramadan (Ramzan) is going on, add this sweet dish to make the festive season a sweet and memorable one. Phirni also known as Kheer is a common Ramadan sweet dish.

  • Mawa Malpua

It is a dessert popular in every street and household across india.  Malpua deserves a lot of respect after all its the oldest sweet in India.

They are small deep fried pancakes that are soaked in a sugary syrup and come in various forms across India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

Mawa Malpua is a delicious traditional sweet of saffron flavoured fried pan cakes dunked in sugar syrup and served warm along with kesar lachcha rabdi ( saffron flavoured thickened milk).Crisp edged Mawa malpua loaded with saffron syrup and dressed up with Kesar Rabdi…ufff, sinful!! Any time of the day or night I can hog on this sweet.

  • Seviyan

Unarguably, seviyan form an indispensable part of Eid festivities. It is something one can’t do without and simply can’t get enough of. Let’s trace back its cultural significance and the reason why it assumes a central position during the festival.

Seviyan Kheer is a special kheer made for Ramzan / Ramadan. It is almost similar to our vermicelli keer(semiya payasam) but slight variations in the making makes it all the more rich and creamy.

  • Basundi

Basundi is a delectable dessert belonging to Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat and much more.

Basundi is an Indian sweet mostly in Gujarat, Maharashtra. It is a sweetened condensed milk made by boiling milk on low heat until the milk is reduced by half. In North India, a similar dish goes by the name rabri.

Hence it is a part of the Ramadan Iftar menu.

  • Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa or Carrot Halwa is a traditional Indian sweet or dessert made with fresh red carrots, milk and sugar. It’s a winter delicacy and is made using the juicy red carrots.

This sweet is also enjoyed on the day of Ramadan Eid.


I am already a tempt away to try all these dishes! Got Sweet tooth cravings already?

Try out these best sweets at your home or with your muslim friends this Eid.


Ramadan Eid Mubarak to all!