“Punjabi bole toh hath upar”
Is the tag line of this fascinating place at satra plaza, Vashi. The finest punjabi themed restaurants of Mumbai! This Restaurant has captured the true essence of Punjabi with the finest details in their interiors and decor along with the Food, menu, drinks and ambiance which includes live Bhangra performance to make the people groove to Bhangra and enjoy their buffet food and drinks (peg)

The live music, vibrant decor and ambiance and the tasty food buffet is what makes you want to visit this place again and again.
The place is so spacious and huge. As you enter, there is a veranda type where near the huge vibrant door there is a big umbrella decorated like the ones we see at a dhaba in Punjab and a huge dummy horse outside decorated like a real one to get good clicks.
Inside as you enter, you will be amazed by the vibrant colourful interiors and decor with funky coloured chairs and tables like sewing machine type and there is a stair which leads to the upper level where are there again seating with colourful pillows on the sofa chairs. The walls are decorated with stylish looking mirrors. On the right side to the entrance is the stage for live music and Bhangra performance and then as you enter more inside towards the right, there is a buffet counter and the bar which is again styled in punjabi way!

The place overall has three sections. The first is the main entrance one, then the other one is the Non AC one with seating like a huge swing type where 6-8 people can sit and can move the seating like a swing. There is live tandoori here with huge screen for watching live sports screening. Then the third section is that for private parties which is a AC one. That section is also well lit with funky lighting on top and a DJ with good sofa seating.

So as there was a buffet section, with some of the starters served at your table and the others needed to be taken from the buffet.
The buffet consisted of various starters, main course, sweets and deserts and chaat items as well as rabdi.

🔹Starting with the must have Lassi! Lassi is served in a huge steel glass depicting perfectly like a punjabi dhaba type. Amazing in taste! They serve chaas too.
So if you visit here, you must surely have the lassi otherwise, a punjabi meal without lassi is incomplete.

🍸Ginger Twist:
This mocktail is a litchi based drink with a blend of ginger in it. It gives taste of cranberry with litchi and ginger. Good in taste.

🍸Fruit Punch:
My all time favourite mocktail. It’s refreshing too.

🔹Starters like tawa aloo, corn Tikka, veg kebab, paneer, chicken reshmi kebab, mutton kebab, Murg chilli garlic were served at your table. All were good in taste. I liked chicken Reshmi kebab, corn Tikka.

◼Main course consisted of different items in veg and non-veg. We have chicken biryani, naan with Palak paneer gravy and chicken jalaandaari.
There is also a live counter for dosa, paratha, pani puri.

With so many varieties in buffet, it becomes so difficult to taste all of them! But we tried our best in tasting most of them as they were too delicious to resist.

🔸The desserts aka mithaiyaan consisted of Gulab Jamun which was so soft and juice, doodhi halwa, one of my favourite rabdi, jalebi, long kulfi stick and hot masala milk which was served in earthen pot like glass to give an essence to the taste of saffron flavoured masala milk.
So all the desserts were too yumm and we tried all of them.

The best part about this place which we liked the most is the Bhangra performance. With proper Bhangra dance of one male and one female along with the band members dancing to punjabi songs made you get up from the seat and dance along with them.

So overall, this place has the finest of finest detail to depict the marvellous punjabi culture in their ambiance, food and style. The playlist here is also that of punjabi. So you would really enjoy coming with your family or friend circle and having great fun grooving to the punjabi songs.
Any age group from child to old people can enjoy at this place.
We really had a great time visiting here. This place will take you back to the punjabi culture and will make you feel like you are in proper Punjab.
So whether you come here in afternoon or evening, you will experience the same amazing feeling!

Trust me it’s a must visit place. Nothing like this place which depicts the finest and true culture of Punjab in Mumbai.