“I liked the versatility of the dish, the fact that it was so portable and you don’t need a kitchen to get it ready. I have spent many, many hours in hot airless kitchens where you never see daylight, sunlight or the moonlight. Also, it is accessible to most people, no matter what their diets or religious beliefs are”, said Denoon in an interview to The Telegraph.

Background of Chef Angus

According to a report in The Telegraph, Angus Denoon spent a few weeks in India exploring the street food of Kolkata. On his return to London, he was asked to dish out a simple yet flavorful snack from Kolkata. That’s when this genius idea struck him and he decided to please the crowd with Jhaal Muri which was a major hit amongst the Londoners helping him turn it in a full time business.

Chef Denoon serves Bengal’s authenticity in a foreign land. Chef Angus Denoon’s – Everybody Loves Jhaal Muri Express is a personal favorite of all the Londoners. Puffed Rice has been a staple of Bengalis for a long time now and the chef seems to have adapted to the taste and texture of the same pretty well.  After the famed chicken tikka masala owning up the national dish title from the Britishers, they couldn’t resist with another dose of spice and flavors from India.  This street recipe is a mélange of Bengali and Bihari palate.

His truck is filled with fancy and colorful garlands giving one those Kolkatta street feels. All the different ingredients displayed right in front of one’s eye are a treat to watch! In a matter of two minutes the small truck transforms into a whole kitchen scene altogether. Seems like magic right? Bengalis have rules for eating jhaal muri too. Devour this mouth-watering Muri served in a newspaper bag.

A useful tip coming from a Bong: Never eat Jhaal Muri with a SPOON!

A meal in itself, this light snack consists of puffed rice, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, boiled potatoes, lots of coriander and chillis, chana chur for the crunch mixed with various condiments and the star of the dish “Mustard oil” or Sarso ka Tel as we know it.

The love and warmth Angus received from the city motivated him to include various other recipes from the streets of Kolkatta. One can enjoy Puchkas, Ghugni, Lassi, Bengali Chai and Chana Masala too.

Image courtesy- The Better India

His specialty is amazing the crowd with his chopping and whipping skills which are eye pleasing.

We highly recommend you gobble up this flavorful creation when in the city and do have a chat with this kick-ass guy for some fun and thrilling stories.

Jhalmuri Fact: This light and spicy snack was sold to Bihari migrants during the World War Two