Experience A journey From Hyderabad To Goa At this 200 year old Portugese Restaurant

So Goa was basically ruled by Portuguese and even in current times it gives us a Portugal feeling at some places with ancient beautiful Goan houses in Portuguese style. Goa not only is known for its beaches but also for its beautiful Goan houses.

One such illustration of beautiful Portuguese styled decor is the Saligao Stories. This is a house of almost 200 years old which is now maintained as a hotel giving you a admirable feel of the old times Goan houses.

I was personally delighted by the warm hospitality of the head chef Kaustubh. He was at his best offering his services at the Kitchen and looking after the guests too. The owner Anisha is very affectionate with her customers and the best part is that she does all the cooking by herself. So when you visit here, you will not see the owner at the beginning of your meals, but at the end when she will come to ask whether you have enjoyed your meals here. Such an amiable hospitality you will get here. This is the best part as the food here is delectable and all cooked by her. It’s surprising as well as admirable.

A Cute little trattoria hidden right in the heart of Saligao, North Goa is a serious throwback to the Portuguese lifestyle that once dominated the city.Old School West-European architecture with wooden furniture surrounded by candy colours gives this place a warm, joyful and above all a homely feeling.

Coming to the restaurant, the entrance is very cutely decorated with colourful flowers and a bicycle. You will see wall painting frames decorated and photo frames of people who originally lived there. It belonged to Anisha(owner) great grandfather. There is a grand piano too. The house is quite big. It’s main hall has all the chairs and tables which is very spacious. Towards the inside, there is a separate room where a wall is decorated with printed blocks which is used in cloth printing which the owner used to do printing in saree and other cloth material before this restaurant was made. There is a private room, a huge Portuguese style bed and a very captivating olden times styled mirror.

There is a separate outdoor section which is again beautiful with attractive chairs and tables.

Coming to the food and drinks, the cuisine is mostly of Hyderabadi and Goan and some continental as well.

🍸Smoke on water:

This whiskey based cocktail consisted of jack daniels as base along with pineapple,orange bitters, and egg white.

We liked this a lot.

🍸Fresh mandarin and mint cooler:

With absolut mandarin as base, fresh mandarin and demerara sugar and mint blended well. This was my favourite.


This cocktail consisted of cacacha, peach schnapps and cranberry.

🍸Hot Toddy:

If you have a bad throat, then this cocktail is a saviour! It consisted of cognac, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, cloves and raw honey.

Cocktails are always served cold with ice cubes but this is the only cocktail which is served warm and is best for throat specially if you have issues with cough and cold or a bad throat day!

🔷Ginger Haze:

🔷Shami kebabs:

Fine mutton kebabs best in taste in Hyderabadi style.

🔷Mutton chutney:

This is like the best of all.

The story behind making it is also as fascinating as the chutney. Never heard and tasted of mutton chutney until I visited this place and tasted. It’s like my personal favourite now and highly recommended when you visit this place.

🔷Reshmi paratha:

It’s mouthwatering and amazing in taste.

Reshmi paratha with haleem is an amazing combo and superb in taste

🔷Hyderabadi story:

This comes in both veg and non-veg.

So it’s a full meal plate which consists of gravy varieties like khubuli, Dahi ki kadi, mirchi ka salan, Raita, Hyderabadi papas and Dahi ki mirchi along with veg Hyderabadi biryani cooked with dal.

It’s appetising in taste and flavourful in mouth. Highly recommended.

In the non veg, kache gosht ki biryani is served with gravies dum ka murgh, nalli gosh, mirchi ka salan, raita, Hyderabadi papas and Dahi ki mirchi.

The biryani was flavourful and typically Hyderabadi style.

  • In desserts, we had serradurra, a Portuguese dessert, double ka meetha, khubani ka meetha and phirni . All were so good!

Overall, we not only enjoyed the food but also the overall experience here. Truly the name stands “Saligao Stories” on its words. The warm feel of this place is something different and if you want to experience real ancient Goa feel then surely must visit this place.