As millennial, we are always on the run which forces us to grab quick bites. These on-the-go meals are oily and unhealthy which leads to numerous health issues.

For a long time, I was on a hunt for healthy oil which would help my body cut down on the excess oil. Because of the ongoing health problems which were making me feel lethargic, I decided to shift to Riso. I heard a lot about this brand and decided to switch to a healthier option. The decision worked wonders because of its countless number of benefits which made me feel stronger and physically fit. I no longer sacrifice my favorite food and instead, I indulge in fried goodies without any guilt. Riso has helped me in maintaining my weight by providing me with the right amount of nutrients required by the body. I am completely satisfied with the change and recommend everyone who wants lead a fuller life.

Want to relish some of your fried favorites without the guilt of eating unhealthy? Riso’s Rice Bran Oil comes to the rescue which helps you to dish out some delicious treats without any extra calories or damage to one’s health. Riso makes sure that the cholesterol is kept under control and also helps in regulating the immune system.

Having a multitude of health benefits to keep you fit and healthy, it
•    Reduces Bad Cholesterol
•    Prevents Cancer
•    Lower absorption
•    High Smoking Point

Riso ensures that one gets the right amount of nutrients on a daily basis. This is why it is loaded with the goodness of OMG i.e Oryzanol – Vitamins- Omega 3

Since the Indian palate is used to a lot of oily and greasy food, Rice bran oils help you cut down excess fat and achieve a healthy diet.
I have used it as a
•   Dressing on my salads
• Replaced butter or margarine with Riso’s Rice Bran oil for some healthy and tasty sweet baked goodies.
•   Since Riso’s Rice Bran Oil has a high smoking point ( approx. 250 deg C), my family uses it for deep frying as it absorbs less oil, making food less greasy and calorific.
It is rightly awarded “The 100% Gourmet Rice Bran Oil”.  Riso is an all-purpose oil with significant health benefits, keeping food healthy and tasty at the same time.

Get started and get cooking with Riso’s Rice Bran Oil now for the wholesome switch that you always needed.