Nestled in the bustling CBD Belapur district of Navi Mumbai, Aura Spa at The Park is an opulent spa that offers a heaven of tranquility to one. Indulge yourself in the enriching variety of spa treatments that Aura offers, from contemporary massages to body polishes, wraps and packs.

The Menu

Descend on the plush quilt and soak in the warmth of the spa chamber filled with dim lights and soothing music, aiming at relieving the furrow lines on your forehead. The treatments include traditional foot massages to fruit body packs and the classic Swedish massage. Apart from these the Aromatherapy that combines massage techniques with class aroma oils and the traditional Balinese massage are traveler favorites.

Things to Remember

Before the treatment, it is advised to communicate well with the therapist on the amount of pressure to be applied, about any pre-occurring ailments or allergies to avoid any kind of injury during the treatment.

Our Picks

Settle for an hour long reboot massage which is a stimulating blend of herbs like rosemary, peppermint and geranium essential oils. The combination of these soothing oils will relieve sore muscles, fray nerves and aching joints that work over shoulders, back, feet and joints. Indulge in a steamy sauna bath post this and sip on the freshly prepared orange mojito that is sure to lift up your energy levels.

Price: Rs 1000 + Taxes on wards