Pledge to care for your skin

Monsoons are no doubt thrilling and makes the environment cool. But exposure to humidity causes infinite complications to the skin. So construct your skin in advance to avoid oil and grease and enjoy the rains with all the confidence like never before by indulging into Monsoon Skincare Routine.


It is considered as one of the crucial factors to keep the skin healthy and will instantly eradicate all the dirt and oil from the skin. It lets the skin breathe and radiate glow. Use oil and alcohol free cleansers to ensure no harm to the sensitive skin.


Drenching in rains won’t hydrate your skin, one needs to take extra efforts by using a toner which will unclog all the pores and penetrate deep inside the skin. For better results one could also make a natural toner at home.


Even though it is cloudy guarding the skin is important because cleansed face will attaract copious bacteria and germs. Guarding skin with an SPF is a must and you can use sunscreen with SPF30 or more to prevent the heat to peneterate directly into the skin causing blemishes, acne, uneven skin and slowly damaging the skin. So commit to guarding your skin with sunscreen. Use a gel- based sunscreen to feel light. For the sensitive ones go for alcohol free, oil free and natural products.


A must for all the women because it helps get rid of dead skin which will make skin healthier. Exfoliation helps to resuscitate skin making it appear smooth and clean. Once a week will give good results and makes skin firm.


Everyone should moisturize their skin to prevent it from getting dry and improve skin tone and texture. Use natural moisturizer for better results and for dry skin opt for moisturizer which contains oil. There are oil free moisturizer for people with acne. Though its cloudy, moisturizer is must for that extra care.

Minimalistic is the key

Minimize the use of heavy makeup during monsoon as rains can spoil your hardwork. Play safe and smart, go for nude lipsticks and CC/BB creams instead of those heavy foundations. Most important is to cleanse all the makeup with a makeup cleanser to avoid breakouts.

For all the 9-5 working women who work in air conditioned place for hours, its important to wear light makeup and go for gel-based/ natural products because

staying in air condition for long hours causes humidity which lets to breakouts and further leads to oil secretion. Along with this, it is must to let your skin be naked in night without any burden of makeup and creams. Let the skin breath and enjoy its quality time.

Every season has its own pros and cons, monsoon is no different. So take care of your skin by indulging into routine and alongside eating the right food because it adds to the quality of your skin.