We all have those golden moments when we wish we could pause time or maybe go back in time to be a kid again so that we can spend infinite time & memories with our father sitting on his lap and asking those stupid questions which he used to answer lovingly.

However, as we grow up and get busy in our jobs and lives we hardly get time to talk to them, spend time with our dads the same way as we did when we were kid.

So lets travel time and relive those memories this Fathers day

Remember the time when he used to take on ride for hours on his back without complaining just to see us giggling and laughing endlessly.

The time when he used to get chocolates and toys without fail on his way back home from work.

Not to forget that first step holding his hand and falling everytime but still not giving up on us. A man who sacrified his needs and wants for their childrens.

From dressing up to school to braiding hair are memories that hold a special place in heart. Walking alongside helding our little hand, we cried for everything we saw and it was Father who got all that we demanded.

Despite being furious on the mistakes he still loved and guided for better future. From being sick and taking care day and night to getting us dressed on fancy dress competitions, fathers have only encouraged us to strive for more.


An ordinary man with golden heart turned by love into Heroes, Storytellers, Singers, Adventures, Guide, Protector.

There are endless golden memories of a Father and child which are true and pure.

So this Father’s Day relive these memories with your SUPERHERO and let us know your favourite memory with your Father.