Mumbai has always been a beautiful and delightful place to live in. The city is picturesque in all forms, from the colorful streets to the beautiful seashore. The city is filled with variety of scenery and life that no other city has like this one. From sky scrapers to slum areas, bazaars to temples, colonial structures, fishing areas and much more! All this adds up to one of the top cities to be photographed in the country.

Creating a line of places in and around Bombay where one can click insta-friendly photos and at the best time.

Area near Churchgate, Fort and Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus

Capture the monochromatic clicks of the colonial past. Every nook and corner of these areas has different stories to narrate. Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus has best appearances of Bollywood and city hassle.

Best time to shoot: Evenings when people rush, you can capture the sunsets over Victorian buildings. Also early mornings in the fort area to capture best clicks of the architecture and empty streets.

Dadar Flower & Vegetable market

The market is always in the chaos but shows an image of relaxed walk through the flower market accompanied by sweet fragrances! One can capture different colors and humans reactions in thousands.

Best time to shoot: Mornings can be the best time to roan around and capture in the daylight.

Worli Fishing Area

The Koli people have lived here for thousands of years and have been fishing since ages. The area gives a good photo walk away from urban city but in the city. It has relaxing atmosphere and one can chitchat among the friendly people around.

Best time to shoot: Early morning when koli’s go fishing and after capturing few clicks of fishing one can roam around and talk to locals.

Chor Bazaar

The area is filled with chaotic and crumbled buildings. One can capture elegant antique pieces to old bollywood posters. The place can give you old rustic India vibe. You just have to prepare yourself for busy street photography and capture lots of things happening around you.

Best time to shoot:Afternoon because the bazaar opens after 10-11.

Spot pastel colored houses in Kotachiwadi, Girgaum

Roam around in the narrow lanes of Kotachiwadi to spot a Portuguese-styled rustic house which gives one a feel of Goa. These houses have tiny verandah’s, arched doorways and column designs. The area has many religions living here, such as Gujarati’s, Muslims, Christians and also Chinese people stay in here.

Best time to shoot: Afternoon where streets are empty and also earlymornings.

Dhobi Ghat, Mahalaxmi

It is famous for being world’s largest Laundromat. Every single day the washers here beat thousands of kilograms of clothes and line them clean in rows in open-air. It’s unique sight to see and the efforts of the washers.

Best time to shoot: Mornings to afternoon


Dharavi is Mumbai’s largest slum area where lots of people reside. One can go around in narrow paths and every corner has something happening around it.

Best time to shoot: Early mornings

Tip: Take a company with you to be on the safer side

Sewri Mangroove Park

One can capture the abundance of boats parked, flamingos, sunsets over the sea and capture people communicating.

Best time to shoot: Evenings and check if its high tides period and the season when flamingos visit there.

Banganaga, Malabar Hill

Capture the old Indian architecture and some saints doing the rituals. Find out the festivals that happen at the small Banganga pond. Also spot old pillars and temples around.

Best time to shoot: Early mornings

Colaba Causeway

One of the most happening streets of Mumbai. One can capture lots of British architecture and grab some eatery and drinks at very known, Leopold café. Nice place to do street photography and shop on pocket friendly accessories, shoes and clothes.

Best time to shoot: Before sunsets or early mornings

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