Tackling that time of the month

You’d think that at certain point in life, you have got used to the menstrual struggle. But no matter how many times you have gotten it, each period holds a new story. All the fatigue, aches and crankiness not only affect us but at times the people around us too!

However, all the new research brings you various hacks that will help in easing your routine during that time of the month. It never does any harm to cut some slack and pamper yourself. It’s completely fine if you want to skip a certain party and stay indoors to get some extra sleep.

Foods to consume when on your period.

  • Oranges, Watermelon and Bananas

Oranges, rather any citrus food will help tackling anxiety and depression, while easing cramps and aches.

Vitamin B6 in bananas helps improving your mood. Magnesium and Potassium helps to reduce bloating and regulates the digestive system.

Instead of devouring sugary items, grab a slice of watermelon to beat the fatigue and let the natural sugars work their magic.

  • Leafy veggies

Consumption or leafy greens helps in making the amount of iron lost during menstruation, thus restoring iron levels and reduces tiredness.

  • Broccoli

As if we even need a reason to consume this beautiful creation of God. It helps combat all the PMS symptoms and provides to be a great diet too.

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate helps regulating the happy hormone and the magnesium content helps to reduce mood swings. Not that we’d ever need an excuse for eating chocolate.

  • Ginger Tea

As caffeine is supposed to be avoided, ginger ale becomes a good replacement. Not only does it reduces nausea but also helps in reducing inflammation thus getting rid of cramps

Foods to avoid during your period.

  • Processed Food

Packaged food being the biggest source of sodium, has to be avoided to reduce bloating.

  • Carbonated drinks

As much as you crave downing a can of bubbly soda, it is advised to replace it with water to ease water retention and bloating.

  • Fried Food

Crave some crispy fried chicken. Nah-ah girl. Food containing trans fat elevates estrogen levels, increasing period pains. (as if we even need that)

  • Pulses

Although you may not really crave them but its preferable not having them during this time of the month.

  • Refined Grains

They tend to alter both your blood sugar levels and appétit, hence making cookies, cakes and pasta is a big No No. Whole grains though is another story.

. Here are some lifestyle tips that will make your period a happy period, easy to deal with.

  • Track your cycle

There are many applications that are available to track your cycle better. It won’t hurt to know your cycle better and prepare for it in advance. Applications like My Days x and Maya comes to the rescue.

Here are the links



  • Use Lavender

It’s believed that lavender oil on your pillow helps you to sleep like a baby. So using lavender to get a much essential beauty sleep is certainly advisable. A scented candle or incense can be used as a replacement.  Using lavender in bath oils too can be useful.

  • Hot Water Bag

If you don’t want to consume painkillers, here’s another option which is equally effective. By applying heat facilities, the blood flows and blocks pain messages being sent to your brain, thus relieving cramps

  • Practice Yoga

Cat/Cow Pose

Knee to Chest Pose

Child Pose

Exercise no doubt helps with premenstrual symptoms, practicing mild yoga will help cramping and fatigue without straining your body at the same time.  Poses like Child’s Pose, Knee to Chest Pose and Cat/ Cow are suitable for your body which will not only ease you but also will leave you with a fresh feeling.

  • Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is never a waste, whether you are on your period or not. It replenishes the water level in your body, hence aiding digestion and fatigue. Have some variation and excite your soul with some detox water which is super flavorful.  Add some lemon slices, mint leaves and ginger and make your staple a soothing one.

No matter how many times we put this fact across you, it will forever be the most helpful one.


Let’s use these life-saving hacks and make those cranky days a lil’ bearable.