We all love street food whether it’s Mumbai or India or traveling overseas. We tempt to eat the local food instead of the restaurants cuisines. Street food is such an essential part of traveling, and such a delightful way to soak in the sights and sounds of the street. People often fall sick while consuming street food but don’t worry we help you eat better and stay better.

Here we have listed down few points to checkout while having street food to avoid falling sick and enjoy the yummy food that fills your tummy!

Check which stall has more queues

    Longest line of the locals is where you want to have food. That definitely means that one checks out the category of people standing in queue, opt for those which include women and children to be on the safer side. More variety in the customer eating his food is the proof that he has gained much of people’s attention and trust.

Find the basic meal around university’s and schools

Best food you can find during traveling is hopping around a nearby school or university and grab delicious meals which are way cheaper but not recommended for dinner. The food outside school and university is always better because the audiences around it are the hunger pangs and they love to eat street foods.

Cleanup for using Cutlery

Always carry wet wipes or baby wipes to clean the cutlery before eating. Some stalls do offer cutlery to eat food but are not cleansed properly and may contain bacteria and those are enough to make one fall ill. Cutlery can be one of the reasons to fall ill even if food is fresh and safe.

Note the time when locals eat

Locals serve as the best guide, be it shopping, outing or eating. Note the time when locals eat their meal, this will help you in understanding their eating habits and eat according to time zone. Most of the time eating pattern is around 6pm for dinner and 11am for lunch. It can be difficult for some to change their eating habits but one can surely try!

Full cooked meal is the necessity

Eat the food which is fully cooked and if you feel it’s cold from inside ask the person to cook it a little more. Don’t try to be more adventurous for the first time. Start with fully cooked, fresh and hot meals which will fill your stomach.

Skip the open kitchens

Street foods often cook in open and that’s what drives customer to the stalls with the wafting smell. But the stalls also give one opportunity to see what’s been added to your dish and can customize it your way. But an important observation is to watch out for people who handle money then touch food with bare hands, dirty utensils, and flies over their food and unclean surfaces. Try and stick to the stalls which serve few items than ones which sells variety, it may be possible the food they serve is not fresh.

Check the surrounding area of stalls serving shakes and juices

Avoid shakes, water or ice from the streets because you don’t know what it is made of. Also, if you having it make sure the surrounding area does not have drainage system nearby which adds many harmful bacteria to the shakes or ice one might consume.

 Vegan is the best option sometimes

If you are scared about food poisoning don’t eat non-vegetarian food on the streets. One of the reasons to avoid such kind of food is, few people don’t use good water to clean, doesn’t know how the process goes or get it fully cooked without any raw materials left inside. It’s always better to stick to vegan food when you are not sure.

Alert: Sauces can be dangerous

The only reason that can add danger to your food are the sauces that add spice to your food. Some people keep their sauces at the room temperature that means bacteria can breed over time. Occasionally sauces can cause distress to the travelers so avoid wet paste or unrefrigerated sauces and if adding all the sauces check the containers in which sauces are preserved.

Is food poisoning your worst nightmare?

The tips above may get you going while on travel. If you tend to get food poisoning do not panic and visit the nearby local doctor. They are familiar with diarrhea problems of travelers. Try and stay on healthy diet for few days and keep hydrating yourself with electrolyte water or tang or any sweetened drink.


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Ready to set forth on a new journey to new street foods?