There are hundreds of mysterious spots and spooky hills all around the globe but this particular place in Armenian Highlands, Turkey defies a mysterious hill which appears to defy gravity.

This place is also known as gravity hills or magnetic hill. The natural phenomenon is associated with gravity. Gravity should move towards the earth’s core, but here there’s a twist in the flow of gravity we can observe at Armenian Hills.

The water here flows from bottom to top instead of top to bottom. More such surprising examples to check the gravity of this hill, when one puts the car on neutral mode on the slope, the car moves up instead of sliding down. When one climbs up it’s as easy as climbing down, but when one walks down, they have to literally push oneself to get to the bottom of the hill as if they are climbing upwards. Like this there are many such events that happen here which proves gravity doesn’t work at this hill and people visiting this mysterious yet astounding place enjoys anti-gravity fun.

Mount Aragats is a mountainous area with mesmerizing natural landscapes and rich in diversity. One can spot the beautiful ancient fortress surrounded by alpine meadows and fragrant flowers along their way to the hills. It’s worth visiting to Mount Aragats and experiencing the fun, leaving the logic about gravity behind.

Check out this video of Armenian Hills:

Other attractions at Armenian Highlands

Lake Kari   Located in the slopes of Mount Aragats is this beautiful piece of paradise. The lake is formed by ice and snow and is located 3190m above sea level. One can spot refuge tent and grab some Armenian soup to make your body warm under the cold weather.

Tatev Monastery Natural feature located high above in the cliff and a must visit place not only for its religious importance but also historical. The monastery is surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes.

Khor Virap Located in small hill in Ararat Valley is this beautiful Monastery with fascinating landscapes of mountains kissing the clouds. Saint Gregory the illuminator was said to be imprisoned there for 13 years. Armenian was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as religion. The monastery has many such stories to tell and worth listening to it.

Garni CanyonLocated in east of Armenia’s capital city about 30km away is this wonderful canyon with vertical cliffs and unique basalt polygon columns.The canyon is formed after a volcanic eruption long time ago and a visit to this stunning canyon is must.

Dilijan National ParkThe park is known for its curative mineral water fountains. The town is also known for its spa and its rich in biodiversity and culture. It is also known as Switzerland of Armenia because of the lush green forest occupying 24000 hectares of land. One can enjoy mountain biking and hiking here.

How to reach Armenia?

By air– Zvartnots International Airport have daily flights to and from major cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome and many more. Also have direct flights to Armenia.

By car-Georgia and Iran offers road access to Armenia.

By train-Georgia offers travel by train from these cities:

Tbilsi-Yerevan (10-hour train ride)

Batumi-Yerevan (15-hour train ride).

By bus – Many travel buses offer tours from Georgia and Iran with less expense compared to flights.


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