Ever wondered how to fill those empty walls of the living room without dampening the chic feels of your home? A place so close to one’s heart needs special care, right? Confused on what to add to spice up the room or may be any corner of the house in a low budget, easily without any hassel? Well we are here to help with ravishing ideas to jazz up your home with these best home decor ever. One can easily make these decorative items at home and if one is too lazy or cannot invest that much time than simply buy home decor pieces online from amazon.com, pepperfry.com , thewishingchair.in to name a few.

Flower Monogram Letter
Beautiful flower monogram is a great way to revamp the living room with one’s favourite alphabet or may be any special word, name etc. It can be placed on the table or hung at the wall filled with wall frames.


How to do?

  • Take a big thick brown cardboard paper and fold it in half.
  • Draw preferred letter on the paper and cut it out.
  • Since we are aiming for a 3D letter, we need to give edges to the letter.
  •  Take another thick brown cardboard paper and cut straight line stripes out of it.
  • Now stick the cut out letter together with the straight line stripes between them to give edges and 3D appearance.
  • Take some fake colourful flowers and stick all over the letter.

One can make a word or just a letter. Easy and stylish flower monogram is ready to spice up the house.

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Versatile Mason Jar
Mason jar is a very popular decorative piece in every occasion from parties to weddings. One can use it for home decor in zillion ways and style it from living room to the kitchen.
How to do?

  • Take a (one can go with more than one) mason jar and put some fake flowers or one can go with fresh flowers too.
  • Now take a rectangular shaped spare wooden plank and attach on the wall at one’s desired place or simply place on the maze, dining table, any shelf etc.
  • Stick a hook with hot glue on wooden plank and tie the mason jar to the hook with the help of a jute rope.
  • One can put fairy lights inside mason jar so that it lights up on those special days.
  • If one has old animal toys then stick it inside mason jar’s lid and sprinkle some sparkle inside the jar and close the lid as shown in the picture and place it upside down.
  • Mason jar is ready to impress one’s guests.

This is super easy and one can bring out the creativity to style home with love.

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Plant Plant And Plant

Well plants can be a good decor idea in disguise. One can hang plants or simply place them around, it definitely looks amazing at any nook of the house.

How to do?

  • Use indoor bamboo plants and decorate home by placing it properly in bedroom or guestroom.
  • One can also hang the plants outside in the window or living room but before that paint the pot in white or any desired colour as it gives a nice look and style.
  • Succulent plants are in trend so simply add some pebbles and sand inside any transparent pot or jar and place the plant on top and its ready.
  • Also the idea of kitchen gardens is fast growing and can easily be incorporated by planting herbs, basil, tomatoes or anything one wants to add in their food fresh and organic.

This is easy, cost-effective and helps with fresh air and atmosphere inside the house.

Wall Of Memories
Cherish those forever memories by creating a wall of memories and revamp the wall completely.
How to do?

  • Transfer all the lovely memories on that plain wall that often goes unnoticed to others.
  • One can either collage or stick them one by one on the wall with glue (use a transparent cloth and hang on the wall and then stick the photos on it to make sure the colour of the wall is well and tidy).
  • Use fairy lights to make it even more attractive.
  • One can also hang few strings of fairy lights on that rather dull wall and with the help of wooden art clips pin those postcard photos from your travel trips giving you those wanderlust feels.
  • Play with bright colours and paint the wall or be creative and draw some abstract or simple designs or may be write up any quote.

A super easy and best way to live the moment again.

Dazzle With Tassle
Tassels are easy, fun and flowy decor piece which brightens up any place with its quirky nature.

How to do?

  • Tassels are very easy to make and one can make tassels out of old clothes and leftover material or simply with the help of a yarn or bright colour thread.
  • Choose the colours accordingly that matches up with the room.
  • One can also make tassels out of ribbon.
  • Hang them or tie them up, the choice is all yours.
  • A quick way to make tassels at home is by taking thread or yarn of one’s choice and wrap it vertically (wrap according to how many strings on wants) on any rectangular cut (size depends on how long or short
    tassels are to be made) cardboard sheet and cut the wrapped string along the bottom and take it off the
    cardboard and with the help of another thread just tie the other part of the tassel to hold it altogether.
  • Tassels are ready. Super easy and creative piece to decorate the home with.


Apart from these dazzling yet simple ideas, one can explore with other fun things like making a wall hanging that we all learnt in school, beautiful candles, candle holder, vase, colourful curtains, photo frames, quirky cusions to name a few and style them.

Comment below which one you liked the most!



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