India is melting pot of culture where people from different ethnicities have their local and traditional delicacies. D’2 states is one such exemplary restaurant which is owned by Marathi mulgi and Punjabi munda, coming together to create the concept in  preserving the culinary heritage of Maharashtra & punjab. The amalgamation of two cultures is not just present on your plates but in the décor as well. The décor involves the use of traditional Phulkari (originating from Punjab) and Warli (originating from Maharashtra). The customers are spoilt for choices with getting best of both worlds. The spiciness of Maharashtra and sweetness of Punjab is well balanced in their menu.

When Puran Poli met Parathas.

Lip-smacking Punjabi hearty meals to try:

  • Paneer Hariyaali Tikka










Soft melt in the mouth paneer with the right amount of mint marination is a simple yet flavorsome starter. Bursting with flavors and veggies, this is surely a must have on your visit.

  • Butter Chicken











The iconic Punjabi dish is a highly recommended as the Spiciness of masalas is well balanced with the sweetness of the butter. Paired best with butter naans. (plenty of it)

  • Subz Biryani









Layers of aromatic herbs and veggies cooked to perfection.

  • Sarso Da Saag

The classic Sarso Da Saag with a dollop of butter or ghee paired is a must try for the food fanatics.

  • Achaari Chicken Tikka











The achaari twist to the chicken is an explosion of flavors in a traditional Mughlai Style.

Some Maharastrian dishes to hog on:

  • Kothimbir Vadi










One of must have dishes from the menu, these deep fried bombs are paired with sweet yogurt to cut down on the spice element.

  • Goda Kolambi Fry

Shallow fried prawns with flavorsome goda masala is not a dish to be missed for all the sea food lovers.

  • Keema Pattice

The authentic Minced mutton with the goda masala will surely make you go WOW.

  • Kombadiche Bhat

A coconut flavored rice tempered with aromatic spices in an authentic Malvani Style.

  • Keema Ghotala

Melt in the mouth Keema with some finger-licking spices tastes best with some soft breads, chopped onions and a dash of lime.

  • When Kokum met Lassi

Maharshtrians are known for their spice and they did not miss the chance to add that kick to their refreshments. Summer calls for slurping on refreshing mocktails and one must try their

  • Anar-Ade














Its a cooling lemonade with pearls of pomegranate which is super soothing and blends well with the meal.

  • Pannarita














This is a classic Aam Panna with a modern fusion. Served as a frozen margarita with Mango Pulp and flavored with chaat masala.

  • Gajar Kanji Mojito














This drink is meant for all the health freaks. A combination of carrot and beetroot with soda for the acidic touch.

  • Sol Kadhi

A unique blend of coconut milk with the kokum extraction is perfect to sooth the Indian palate after a heavy and hearty meal.


Do indulge in this fantastic fusion of two diversities brought to you by D’2 States and get the most of their delicacies.