Every girl needs marvelous Curly or wavy hair. Moreover heat styling products and rollers damages hair and eventually destruct hair to such an extent that it is beyond repair. But worry not darling as we have come up with an undamageable option to your rescue. So, head straight to this heat free DIY for fascinating wavy or curly hair at home without any hassel.


  • Hairspray bottle
  • Oil (as per one’s preference)
  • Water
  • Comb
  • Rubber bands

In a hair spray bottle, take about 200 ml water and add 5 drops of oil to it and mix well.
How to do?

  • First things first, comb hair neatly.
  • Spray water and oil all over the hair, comb again.
  • Part hair in two sections and braid both the sides.
  • Here, if one is aiming for curly hair then braid must be firm, secure the braids with rubber band.

  • For wavy hair, loose braid hair and secure with rubber.

  • Keep for 2 hours (one can keep it overnight to get the waves or curles for longer time)
  • Unbraid the hair.
  • Voila! Natural curly and wavy hair is all set and ready to take off the day with you.


Benefits of this DIY:

  • Heat free and won’t cause any damage to one’s hair.
  • Achieve natural waves and curls at home.
  • A temporary hair style for any function or party.

This DIY is best for the one’s who want to flaunt those wavy or curly hair without costing any pretty penny on those styling products that eventually damages hair and steals the natural nutrients of hair. Give this DIY a try girls.


Have a great hair day girl.