In Crust, We Trust!

Pizza has always been an eternal love among all the other food dishes for everyone! One will never find anyone saying no to pizza. With so many different styles and sizes we all tempt to eat every type of pizza that exists. From thin crust to pan pizza, thick crust to cheese burst, we love it all! For all the pizza lovers, there’s no better feeling in the world, than having a warm pizza box served on your lap.

The 10 best cities in the world well known for its authentic pizzas:

Naples, Italy

Naples is the birth city of pizzas, from where it all started. There are numerous different pizza styling and everyone has their favorite here.Restaurant like “Keste Pizza & Vino” serves the most authentic styled delectable pizzas which are indulged in handcrafted ingredients, homemade and gluten free. One can also try their delicious vegan options here.

Signature dishes to try:

Kale Pizza Fritta, Montanara, Montanara Truffle, Montanara Genovese.


One of the cities where pizza is a major food consumed by most of the people living here, travelers and the locals survive only on that too, majority of the time.This city has varied restaurants which serve thin crust pizzas, pan pizzas, a lot of other sizes and filling. One of the restaurants in chicago – “The Art of Pizza”, a downtown resto has its famous stuffed crust pizzas which are also served in huge single slice.

Another well known pizza restaurant in Chicago,”Nonnas Pizza” serves world’s largest single slice pizza approx. 63 inch in size. One cannot complete this humongous slice single handedly.

The special pizzas:

Art’s Vegetarian thin crust Pizza, Mozzarella stuffed Cheese Pizza, Stuffed meaty Delight Pizza Slice.

New York City

When in New York, you just cannot forget to have pizzas here. New York is one of the famous nightlife cities where people hog on a lot of junk at any street food joints as well as restaurants. The iconic new york styled pizza is triangular with crisp base and lots of cheese to fill in.“Prince Street of Pizza” is one best pizza restaurant in the city, being the oldest one here. “Joe Pizza” serves the best thin crust pizzas, in rock bottom prices.

Few of its best pizza plates are:

The Original Prince Pizza, Spicy Spring pie, Prince Perfection Pie, thin crust margaritas.


The metropolitan city of Italy and the global capital of fashion and design. Apart from this, it is also known for its best pizzas.

“Spontini” is one such restaurant where every individual visits here for its delightful pizzas. They have their own signature styled pizza in menu options.

New Haven, Connecticut

The classic version of pizzas are the best to get here. People call pizza, Apizza, the USP of this place is that they serve pizza baked in wood fired oven and one must definitely try the classic crushed tomatoes grated with Romano cheese.

You can also get one at “Sally’s Apizza”

Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton is famous as a tourist spot where people enjoy indulging in its festivals. It has now been a well known place for its pizzas. The city is famous for its 2 national pizza styles– Boston Pizza and Neapolitan Pizza. Age groups preferably Youngsters and hipsters are the ones who most visit the pizzeria shops.

One can visit Tony’s Pizza palace to try different styles of Pizza:

Tony’s special Pizza and Tony’s  Meat Lovers Pizza.

Palermo, Italy

Pizza in Palermo comes in different sizes & shapes – round, squared, rectangular, stuffed-crust. Palermo, a special type of pizza is thick based rectangular shaped pan pizza that were lately inspired by Chicago deep dish pizzas.

Where should you have one?

At fine dine Perciasacchi. You can try Piccante(spicy) from the classics and Quattro Formaggi Sicilians(four sicilian cheeses) from Sicilians Interpreted by Perciasacchi.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has stayed back to its ethos and handcrafted ingredients, and rustic look for pizzas. The best composition of fire wood pizzas and southern California style can be seen at Pizzeria Mozza. One must surely stop by here to try these pizzas.

Special dishes to try:

Meatballs Mozzarella di Bufala, Tomato & Fresh Oregano and Spaghetti Squash are pizzas you can try.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been the most happening city in the world, firstly because of its casinos and secondly because of the famous celebrity chefs who have made their career here and represent their signature dishes worldwide. There are numerous pizza bakers in the city due to their passion for pizza baking and the restaurants serve home cooked styled pizzas.

You can try one at Pizza Rock:

Downtown form the American Originals and Old Chicago from Chicago Cracker thin.

Mumbai, India

The city of dreams is also now popular for the diverse pizza parlors located at different places in around mumbai. You can hop into any place that serves pizza with different toppings, different crust options and baking styles.

You can definitely try one at Pizza Express and try their iconic rectangular pizzas:

Calabrese (veg) and Calebrese with Chicken.

Surround yourself with Pizzas, where ever you travel.