Autumn Bar & Bistro, is a new place in Andheri West. With hundreds of places in Andheri, Autumn Bar makes it sure to stand out from the crowd. Nestled in one of the narrow by lanes opposite Citi Mall in Andheri West, Autumn Bar & Bistro is the newest entrant (merely a month old) amongst the plethora of restobars and drinking places in the area. Owned by Mr. Sunny Singh and Mr. Sandeep Sharma (who already seem to own five of the best restobars in Jaipur), they are all set to offer a variety of cuisines ranging from European, Italian, Oriental and even Indian in an ambience suitable for both family as well as a group of youngsters, quite unlike the other restobars around.

Ambience which will make you go Wow

The décor and interiors are elegant and classy than the regular bars. It gives an experience of a fine dine ignoring the name of bar and bistro attached to it.

The name derives its inspiration from the season of change, the bold green, rose gold and tan brown shades of the interiors are not only evocative of the shades of the season but also ooze comforting and soothing vibes. Spacious seating with couches, soft pop music, adequate lighting and the adequate space for movement around the tables in the dining hall speak loud and clear of excellent management of every inch of available space.

Very soothing and peaceful ambience with courteous staff to serve the customers always having a smile on their face.

Perfect place for a date with your loved one as it gives a positive vibe when you enter here.One can definitely plan date night here at such a pleasant place.

The seating is quite comfortable and the place is spacious. The overall setting is perfect with their food and drinks menu.

The Food Section

The food here has a unique quality as they don’t use any food colors to bring in the natural taste and also has every offering to feed oneself.

From the salads, we tried Watermelon Feta Salad, it had an alluring plating with fresh watermelons, green salad leaves, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar. It really tastes good and loved the combination.

From the Appetizer’s, we tried House nachos, which had beans, salsa, and olives on the top to give perfect taste. Also tried Cheese Cigar Rolls, it had mozzarella cheese roll deep fried and served with dip and salad. Adding one more to the list was Jalapeno Grilled Chicken, which was flawless in taste and was served with dip and salad.

From the Pizza section, we tried Veggie Blast pizza; it was loaded with right amount of veggies and perfect amount of cheese with a thin crust base.

From The Bar


Talking about the Bar area, it’s absolutely grooving with variety of options available to suit everyone’s preferences.

From the bar menu, we tried their Mimosa cocktail, Ginger rogers cocktail, Tequilla sunrise cocktail and the final drink of the night was Bull Frog cocktail, each cocktail had its unique combination and the touch was sparkling to the eyes.

The Dessert Section

Dinner is incomplete without dessert. We tried Baked Cheese cake topped with caramel and flavor was fantastic, also tried Belgian Chocolate Pastry, the rich flavor of dark chocolate is just satisfying.



The service and the quality of food was just great. One must definitely plan a visit to Autumn Bar & Bistro and experience their delicious food, exquisite ambience and amazing drinks.