A healthy, soft and fresh skin requires a lot of caring and protection. Since the cosmetic industry is flooded with so many artificial and chemical based products, it becomes difficult to take care of skin and choose the right product which is harmless for the skin. Even the so called natural products produced by many cosmetic companies have little amount of chemicals in it.

This is when the DIYs work, they are absolutely natural and keeps the chemicals, oils at bay.

Now make your very own home made DIY rose toner in few simple steps! Quick and easy:


  • Fresh Rose petals (25-45)

  • 250 ml Water
  • Aloe vera gel

  • Atomizer bottle


  • In a vessel take 250 ml water.
  • Put the rose petals in water, let the water boil till the rose petals loses its color to light pink.
  • Later add around half spoon Aloe Vera gel to the mixture.
  • Let it cool and strain the water in atomizer bottle and store in cool and dry place.


Toner is ready and one can spray on face after cleansing or apply gently with cotton in night before going to bed. Rose helps in balancing oil, tightening pores, tones skin and also has various inflammatory properties. Aloevera gel fights with ageing, sunburn and regular usage makes skin clear and glowing.


This toner is absolutely natural and works wonders with regular use and most important hydrates skin while maintaining the pH balance.


So Pamper your skin with Rose Toner for glowing skin and for its complementary aromatic benefits.