We often happen to do DIY scrubbing at home in cases of emergency be it a cocktail party or a last minute date. Scrubbing always saves the day! But often we forget the importance of sealing these pores. When left open these pores could lead to pimples and not so good looking skin. Though these pores may appear small, constant neglection would cost perpetual damage to your skin. Befuddled as everywhere brands are manipulating in the name of skincare with zillion creams and pore fixing masks. Grab some coffee and go through this amazing DIY pore minimizer for visible results.

  • One Egg (if one is vegetarian opt for apple cider vinegar/baking soda)
  • Fresh lemon juice


  •  Take one egg and separate the egg whites in a bowl

  •  Add 2 teaspoon of lemon juice to the egg whites
  •  Mix it well and the pore minimizer is ready to use

How to apply:

  • Take the mixture and apply with fingers in circular motion
  • Massage with the mixture on the affected areas on the face
  •  Make sure to rub the mixture in upward circular motion
  •  Repeat 10-15 times
  •  With a makeup brush, apply the leftover mixture all over the face (avoid eyes)


  •  Let the mask get dry completely
  •  Wash it with cold water

Smile while you see visibly less pores.


  •  Egg whites have astringent properties that helps to shrink pores leaving the skin tight
  •  Along with this it controls oil, fights acne and removes dirt
  •  Lemon helps in clearing acne spots, blemishes and clears skin.

Amazing DIY that 100% works wonders with regular use and one could see visible results in few weeks.
Apply the mask once a week for quick results.

Say yes to DIY’s confidently.