Ek Kadak Cutting Dena!

Those golden days when attendance was the most at the nukkad chai tapri. Those endless gupshaps, eyes glued on those nearby college chicks, match making and what not! Thanks to our favorite chotu who used to be our all time savior feeding us with our staple with a smile throughout.  Head over to your true mate with your gang to recollect those moments.

Here are the top Bombaiya Chaiwalas around the city you want to sip from.

Bora Bazar

Picture Courtesy- Times of India 

A recipe unshared says the chaiwala. Nestled in the busy streets of Ballard Estate, sipping over his aromatic elaichi chai refreshes the inner self . Priced at just INR 7 A GLASS is a steal deal for all the shop owners nearby who want to keep it light on their pockets.

Location: Ballard Estate, Fort.

Ashish Soni Tea Stall

A  mélange of herbs and spices is what you get here at the Ashish Soni Tea Stall. An unusual mix of lemongrass, ginger and mint. A variation to the typical cutting we are used to which is super refreshing and soothing.  Apart from this concoction,  He serves the individual variants of this special tea like Lemongrass tea, mint tea, lemon tea. For all the cutting chai fanatics, he also serves his kadak adrakwaali chai.

Location:  Near Famous Studio, Dr E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi.

Price: INR 6 for cutting chai and INR 15 for all the special ones.

Lucky Tea Stall

Located in Kandivali West, this chai tapri is famous for its special cutting chai which is prepared from a special powder mix of ginger and elaichi. The muchies offered her is what makes the chai so exceptional.

Price- INR  7

Nilesh Tea Stall

Gavti hari patti se maza hee alag aata hai says Nilesh Bhai. He adds lemongrass to his special cutting which makes him stand out from the crowd. Preferred by all the office goers, this place is always buzzing with the corporate folks.

Price: INR 7 for a glass.

Location: Lower Parel

Abid Bhai Chaiwala

Favorite amongst all the college goers, Abid Bhai’s charm has swayed all the students with his spicy chai. “Jitna ubaalo, utna taste aata hai”. His cuttings are usually spicier as compared to others. He also serves FREE biscuits to everyone.

Location: Right outside Ruia College.


Tea and smoke are inseparable . Known for his vast collection of cigarettes, this famous spot also serves some kadak masaledar cutting. Right outside prithvi café, its always buzzing with artists and teens to sip down some of his chai with his worldwide collection of smokes.

Location: Juhu Tara Road


Tucked away in the lanes of I.C colony, Louis is quite popular amongst the teens. Earlier in the days, students bunked and spent their college hours playing counter strike with a cutting and smoke. That’s how this playful combo went viral and became the talk of the town.  His coffee is a must have if you think of visiting as well as their green tea for all the health freaks.

Location: nearby to St. Francais college


Famous amongst the bunkers of Rizvi college, Except  for the smoke this lane is always buzzing with the cater’s crowd and students for a garma garam cutting.

Location: Nearby to Rizvi College, Cater Road, Bandra

Price: INR  10


Selling Cigarettes at a cheaper rate turned out to be a crowd puller for the owner. Not only the chai but the variety of smokes available is what everyone keeps coming for. The chai over here is exceptionally good with a hint of elaichi.

Location: Borivali West.

Price: INR 10

Mithibai Gold Spot

Known as the Charsi Gali, all the mithaibaites and Nmites spot for their everyday smoke. Accompaying smoke with a cutting, the inseparable couple is hands down the most preferred one especially in this lousy weather.

Location: Near Mithibai college, Vile Parle 


So, who’s up for a cup of garma garam chai? Head over to these chaiwalas to sip some of their unique creations and don’t forget to gobble up some vada pav and bun maskas. Happy Monsoon Peeps!