The Bombay Canteen celebrates its 4th Independence Day Daawat and welcomes one and all to join their Daawat! They prepare delicious Indian cuisines to serve the guests.

It’s time to celebrate 72nd Independence with all the traditions, put outthe tricolor flag and see the city painted in tri color with so much of enthusiasm among the youth and adults for this day.

The restaurant raised 7 lakh rupees last year and fed about540 guests.They rejoiced the moment with the same concept to welcome peopleto eat good food.

If one misses out the opportunity for good food, one can also contribute for a good cause by visiting their Ketto page.The Bombay Canteen contributes to Miracle Foundation Indiafor welfare of kids by assuring they get proper food, education and feel safe.

Supporting Miracle Foundation India is an initiative from The Bombay Canteen to make sure the kids get love and support that they deserve.



15th August


The Bombay Canteen, Lower Parel


11:30 am – 3:30 pm


Free of cost


The Bombay Canteen does not take any reservation on this day; it’s on first come first serve basis.


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Enjoy the scrumptious meal, and pour some love!