Escape to the exquisite Beaches in India which offers variety of exotic landscapes. Have you ever thought of visiting a place and doing nothing but just staring at waves and relaxing?There are yet several white sand beaches, virgin beaches and crystal-clear beaches untouched in some parts of India. More and more people are dwelling to such lesser known pristine beaches.

Here we listed down few fascinating beaches where one can just relax and sip on some coconut drink.

Tarkarli beach,Maharashtra

Undiscovered land of sun, sand and peace of paradise located at the confluence of Karli River and Arabian Sea.One can spot the sailboats lining up and flapping merrily in the winds. The blue skies and wet sands will surely relieve one’s stress by spending some quality time with your loved ones.

Talasari beach, Odisha

One of the pristine beaches on the eastern coastline is located in the Balasore district of Orissa. Beach is accompanied by lots of palm trees and sand dunes. The sand dunes on the beach would make one indulge in sand art like getting back to childhood. The flowering cashew trees add uniqueness to the beach. Talasari beach is perfect hideaway from the crowd.

St. Mary’s beach, Karnataka

The small four islands in Arabian sea is given its name by Vasco da gama. The sea can be reached viasix-kilometer boat ride from Udipi. Ride to this shimmering blue water is an amazing experience. The island is filled with formation of basalt rock and one can spot treasure of rare shells here. The Island is also known as Coconut Island as the coconut trees fringe around the shores.

Astaranga beach, Odisha

This beach is renowned for its magical sunsets with different hues and breathtaking view of nature. It is situated about 91km away fromPuri. Astaranga beach is immersed with varied colors of sun setting and beautiful reflection of the shades of the sky above.

Elephant beach, Andaman &Nicobar Islands

This Elephant beach is another destination to explore in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It is situated at about 20minutes away from Havelock Island. It has astounding coral reefs, white sands and crystal-clear water which makes this place a must visit destination.

Dhanushkadi beach, Tamil Nadu

The virgin beach is situated at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.It is located in the Dhanushkadi town of Tamil Nadu which is known for its magical beauty. The place also holds mythological significance along with pleasant monuments. This beach allows its visitors to dive deep in its water and explore beautiful marine life inside.

Guhagar beach, Maharashtra

One of the least populated or not at all populated beaches in Maharashtra.One can spend some alone time with clear waters, sand and never-ending coastline. Immerse yourself in to views of these perfect landscapes of sun, sand and water. You can collect some sea shells while talking a long walk on the beach.

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