Lets be honest

We’ve all been through that phase wherein our contact list consisted more of the delivery kitchens around our premises.  Yes, that’s pretty much a hint to get about this article.

Tiresome job with some tedious work made our asses lazy to cook our selves some fine delectable food right?

Worry not as bring we some kitchens which serve home-cooked meals to satiate your soul and most importantly those homey feels!

Lets get going.

Note: Keep a tissue handy as you might drool by the end of this article!

Goila’s Butter Chicken

Think Of Butter Chicken? Think of Goilas! There’s no such thing as too much chicken and Chef Saransh is being pretty generous when it comes to pleasing the crowd with his buttery meaty goodness.

This fun Delhi boy has a secret ingredient which sets his dish apart from everyone. He says that adding methi to the gravy elevates the chicken altogether. You might want to loosen your pants as you eat your way through this sinful indulgence!

Recommendations: Kadhi Chawal, Butter Chicken Biryani, Dal Makhani and Beetroot  Tikki Chat

Delivery areas includes Bandra, Khar, Santacruz and Andheri West. One can also visit the website www.goilabutterchicken.com

OUTLETS :  Khar and 4 Bunglows


Missing out on some warm hearty North Indian delicacies. Well, Indizza comes to the rescue!

They specialize in some amazing North Indian Curries with soft mushy breads. They make fresh food everyday and also customize the dishes according to your preference. They for sure get some brownie points for this.

Recommendations:  Banjara Chicken, Dal Makhani, Chicken Biryani, Butter chicken, Chicken Laseez and Cheese Naan.

Delivery areas: Worli and Pedar Road

Bombay Biryani

Every heard of Biryani by Kilo? The face behind Bombay Biryani, Akshay came up with this concept wherein you cannot order a single serving but only have to opt for the kilo option. More biryani, double the flavors! I am sure nobody would mind that extra spoon.

That’s not the end. They serve across the city! Anyone up to share some for lunch guys?

Recommendations:  Chicken Dum Biryani, Murgh Mocambo Kebab, Punjabi Balti Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken and Schezwan Cheese Burst Naan.

Outlets: Andheri  4 Bunglows, Bandra and Marol


Lets make some saucy mess at the comfort of your home without being judged in public. Lets be honest, we all face this awkwardness every time we think of hogging on a juicy burger around some random strangers.

Burgzooka solves all your nightmares as they are dishing out some lip-smacking burgers till 5a.m.

Recommendations: Bad Ass Chicken Burger, Bad-ass Buff Burger, Chicken Wings, Smoked Bacon.

Outlets: Khar and Andheri 4 Bunglows.

The Curry Bros

The Curry Bros is a spot worth trying for its range of Goan, Bengali and South Indian Cuisines. Located amongst the corporate spaces of Lower Parel, their fragrant kitchen serves some home-style flavorful Indian curries.

Recommendations: Chicken Cafreal, Kosha Mangsho, Coconut Rice, Pork Vindaloo, Mole and Rasam Risotto.

Outlet: Lower Parel


The Asian cuisine is known to tickle your nostrils because of the aromatic and bold ingredients that goes into making the dishes.

Meraki is one such spot where you can get your hands on some Chinese,Burmese and Thai food.

Recommendations: Chicken Khao Suey, Kung Pao Chicken, Thai Curry and Chilli Garlic Noodles.

Outlets: Andheri Lokhandwala, Malad( Opening soon), Goregaon East.

Chawlas 2

Talking about best delivery kitchens and Chawlas not on the list? Impossible! With over 110 outlets in the North India and a few in Canada and in the USA, their famed Butter Chicken has surely ticked off all the marks. Their menu consists of some flavorsome kebabs, gravies glorified with butter and cream and biryani.

Recommendations: Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, Cream Chicken, Tawa Pulav,Garlic Naan.

Outlets: Mahakali( Andheri east) and Khar


Just like all the Sindhis are fond of their gold, their food is no less fancy and delectable. All the Sindhi folks out there who are missing out on some authentic home-cooked food, Sindful will surely make your tummy and soul happy with its Dal Pakwaan and Curry Chawal.

Recommendations: Dal Pakwaan, Sindhi curry, Bondi Raita, Chole and Aloo Tuk.

Outlets: Andheri 4 Bunglows and Khar

Well, we warned you for the drooling. I am about to order my favorites from the list! What about you?