Want to shed those extra pounds but lack motivation?
How about shedding those extra pounds of your body and toning up to a fit body through yoga with the best company like family or friends. Gain encouragement from each other to bend and flex while giggling all the way to becoming pro’s in all the posture. Combination or partner yoga promises to derive one’s confidence, understanding and motivation. Experience new sense of peace and ataraxia. Get ready to shape up as here are 5 yoga asanas to try with your partner.



Any fitness regime begins with stretching. It increases muscle flexibility and helps in performing yoga smoothly. Lowers the risk of muscle soreness and injuries.
Cautionary advice:
It is advisable for the ones who have acute muscle strains, joint sprains and fractured bone to refrain from any kind of stretching. Avoid vigrous stretching and go slow.


This yoga asana is very helpful for every person and easy. After stretching go for this asana as it is rejuvenating and effective for toning the hips, thighs and abdomen. Hold for few secs and swap the positions once done.
Cautionary advice:
Do not rush and go slow with every posture. Works wonders to the body with regular practise.



Ideal posture that increases the flexibility of the hips, inner thighs, pelvic, knees and the ankles. Hold to this posture for 20- 30 seconds for better results.


This posture works for the entire body. It tones hips, thighs, legs, abdomen and strengthens lower back. Improves digestion and circulation while releasing stress. Hold firm your partners hand. Go easy and soon one will master this asana.

Looks easy at first glance but requires perseverance and focus. Perform this yoga asana for amazing results. It reduces stress and releases anxiety, keeps spine flexible and strong. Practice this posture for better results.
Cautionary advice:
People with any kind of injury should not perform this asana. Don’t be harsh and go slow.


So head over to experience these asanas with your family or friends. Don’t forget to practice them on regular basis as practice makes anyone perfect!