A pair shoes is a basic necessity but that doesn’t mean you have be wearing some ugly, worn out leather. Why would you? Shoes are something that completes your look, infact, can also help to make it much better.
Flats are well, FLAT. Not necessarily boring but if you want to add that extra confidence and sass to your look, you need Heels. It’s a myth that only short girls need heels a

nd that’s not the case. There are different types of knock me downs but before you google your favourite ones, you might want to check off these MUST haves:

⦁ Pumps








Pumps area classic. These are the kind of heels you see in every shoe place. They are two to three inches tall, and like those black flats you own, they go with every outfit.

⦁ Stilettos

Just looking at them will make you feel sexy and confident. These are tall, sharp heels you can wear to functions and other formal parties

⦁ Kittens


These are for those of you newbies in the land of heels. Kitten heels are perfect for those who want to wear heels but aren’t comfortable with high ones. They’re also for those tall legs who think they don’t want to be looking anymore higher. They’re small, hardly an inch higher from the ground. Two points for style and comfort.

⦁ Wedges

Imagine getting that boost without sharp, long heels. Yes, wedges are the comfortable counterparts of pumps. There’s a solid base covering the base of your high pairs. They go best with sporty dresses and casual wear.

⦁ Chunkies

Here, the base of the heel is like a block. You will look lit pairing these with chic formal wear, especially places which require you to move around a lot.

Bonus: Boots with heels. Get that bossy, spy wear look with boots. Whether they are knee length, peep toes or ankle booties, these are one of the chicest and sexiest shoes out there. They, again, make anything you wear look extra stylish.